James Read Tanning Studio

Experience the luxury of our James Read Tanning Studio exclusive to Callan & Co.  James Read is regarded as the authority in tanning, be it skin finishing models backstage at fashion week or tanning celebrities in his studio in Harrods. Our tanning technicians have been personally trained by James Read in his unique methods. 

The Signature Tan 

A classic spray tanning treatment with a bespoke layering twist. One light layer of tan is applied for a sun-kissed glow, two layers will give you that golden ‘week in the Greek Islands’ look and three layers delivers a deep rich tone. 

Duration: 25 minutes

Price: €30


Want that extra deep glow? This tanning treatment creates a golden glow that little bit darker than the signature tan. Two layers of the Go Darker Formula tan are applied and then just leave this to develop for 6-8 hours. 

Duration: 25 minutes

PRICE: €35