A 5 Minute Valentines Day Chat With Paula Callan

Getting ready to spend a romantic Valentines Day with someone special? Or lets be real, you hate V Day but love all the amazing makeup inspo on Instagram and you're totally into the extra chocolate they're stocking in Tesco.. Us too.. 

Well, we've got you covered on the makeup end of things with some Valentines tips from the lady herself, Paula Callan! With years of experience in the industry painting some of the world's most influential celebrities including Nicole Scherzinger (just saying) there's no better woman to give you some tricks for the biggest date night of the year.


What's Your Best Date Night Makeup Tip?

There is a such a thing as too much makeup, it's better to go for polished and touchable. If your date is wearing a light coloured shirt, you don't want to have transfer!


Your Favourite Trick For Making Your Makeup Last All Night! 

Take your time applying your makeup and always use a powder to set. Choose one that's jet milled and light reflective so it won't look caked. 


What's Your Go-To Red Lip ?

MAC's Ruby Woo! 


Fragrance Of Choice For A Date Night?  

My favourite fragrance for a romantic date night is "Portrait Of A Lady" from the shop in the Westbury.


Who's Your Celebrity Crush Of The Moment?

Tom Hardy.. always!!


We hope to see you back on our blog soon for more makeup tips from the industries finest artists!